Frequently Asked Questions


How does Koffeed work?

Koffeed campaigns are very easy to create and use. Simply set up your account and begin creating your campaign by choosing a featured keyword. Launch your campaign and feature it on a television or projector screen. People viewing your feed will be able to engage with it and you’ll see results in real-time.

What are the benefits of Koffeed?

There are two core benefits of using Koffeed:

1. Gain brand exposure to hundreds or even thousands of people at once

2. Engage your audience at your company events or other places related to your business.

How can I create a feed?

After logging in, simply click on “Create Feed” and follow the instructed steps associated with your plan. This may include adding a logo and your brand colors to the feed. You’ll also need to choose a featured keyword and additional related keywords if you choose. You can also filter out keywords that you do not want to see. Once you are happy with how your feed is set up, you are ready to launch! But don’t worry, if you decide to make changes after launching, you can. Just go back to your dashboard and edit the feed.

Why is the Basic plan the most popular?

Although the Professional plan is popular as well, the Basic plan fits most budgets. Not to mention, many of Koffeed’s greatest features lie within the Professional plan.

Why is the Professional plan so expensive?

People who choose the Professional plan are essentially purchasing a 100% customized application for their business.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no additional fees above what is listed on the website.

How do most businesses use Koffeed?

This depends on the business, but Koffeed can be used for anything from a special corporate event, to a regular projector display at a restaurant, to an educational event, or even a concert! The possibilities are endless.

Do I need to do anything manually to have my Koffeed display posts?

No. Once you enter your desired keywords and click the button to launch your Koffeed, then it will display posts automatically in real-time.


Do I need to put my credit card information to use the free trial?

No. You will only need to sign-up with basic information to have access to the free 30-days trial.

What happens if my credit card doesn’t get processed?

If we are unable to process your credit card you will receive two emails over a 7-day period before your account will be temporarily deactivated.

What happens if my account is involuntarily deactivated?

If your account is deactivated we will send you an email to reactivate it. If you do not receive this email, simply login with your old account details and you will be prompted to reactivate your account there.

Can I choose to pay annually?


Will I receive a discount if I pay annually?

Yes, you will receive a 5% discount by paying annually.

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