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The Power of Koffeed

Whether you’re a business, organization, restaurant, bar or individual, you can harness the power of social media through using Koffeed. Create personalized, live feeds that aggregate posts containing the keywords and information you choose.

By simply displaying your customized Koffeed at an event, in your business waiting room, conference room or wherever you choose, the potential of reaching hundreds or even thousands of people increases substantially. The best part about it? Your content is primarily comprised of clients spreading the word. This is truly one of the closest things to digital word-of-mouth marketing!

The concept is simple - Display your Koffeed on a television or projector screen, entice people to create posts with your business’ hashtag, and gain exposure through each person’s entire network of followers! Just think of it this way… if you hold an event with 100 people and just 10 of those invited guests Tweet your chosen hashtag to their own followers, you have the potential to reach hundreds or even thousands of additional people. ...This is the magic of Koffeed.


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